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Gutter FAQs

It’s definitely worth investing in a quality rain gutter system for your home or business. Their main function is to protect a building’s foundation by channeling water away, but they also prevent soil erosion, leaks in your basements or crawlspaces, protect painted surfaces from erosion, and offer a means to collect rain water for later use.
Very much NO! Though they do all preform the same job of catching rain, they also come in a huge variety of types, materials and quality. Pre-made gutters you might have picked up from your local fix-it store or lumber yard come use connectors to join them up which leaves them wide open to leaking and corrosion. Custom made gutters are made just for your home and are seamless so they hold up longer over time. Check out our Seamless Gutters Page for more info.
Steel or vinyl gutters will have to be replaced eventually anyway. If you’re seeing orange spots, then you have rust on your system and it needs attention before the problem gets out of hand. If you’re feeling handy and don’t mind repeatedly climbing up and down a ladder, then you could repair the gutter yourself and be able to avoid replacing it for years. Of course, you can only patch it so many times before it needs replacing anyway.
We can normally let you know within one or two days, sometimes sooner.
No, you don’t have to be home. Of course ideally a homeowner will be available so we can answer any of questions, but we understand a busy schedule and want to make the process as easy for you can possible. Many of our customers are away when our estimators or installation people have been by.
It usually only takes about a day, but will depend on the size of your structure and how complicated your roofing system is.
Without protection from leaves or debris clogging up the gutter, they won’t be working well long. Clogged gutters will rust, over flow or become too heavy and fall off your home possibly damaging it.
Well that depends on your needs, budget and who you ask. There is no best one out there period, but there is always a best one for you and your project. You could use Leaf Strainers, which are a device that fits over the downspout hole; but the gutters themselves will still clog and need frequent cleaning. Leaf Screens will go over your gutter itself and keep most leaves out, but they let in smaller debris meaning frequent cleaning and may not hold up over time or under a heavy leaf load. Gutter Guards and Protection are made from metal covers that fit over the gutter and will separate most all debris from the water flow. When making your decision, be sure to assess the problem, cost, the look you are going for, and how often you will need to clean your gutters. Ask around. Ask the experts. Find a rain gutter contractor who knows what they are doing. Check out our Rain Gutter Guards & Protection Page for more info. Georgia Gutters is ready to deliver professional gutter design, manufacturing, installation, repair, and cleaning for your home or office. Let us know what we can do for you by calling 678-525-2570 or using our Free Online Gutter Cost Calculator.
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