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T’is the Leafy Season

Leafy Gutters

Along with the decreasing temperatures, we also get the beautiful leaves of Fall. And fall they will, right into your gutters!

Your gutters have a very simple job. They need to take the water falling on the roof of your home and divert it away from your foundation for easy drainage. When not clogged, they do their job quite well.

When backed up with leaves, limbs, pine needles and other debris, water no longer flows away but can end up inside the ceilings and walls of your home. Left untreated, this can cause serious damage such as cracked foundations, mold, water damage and even flooding.

Gutter protection can help. There are several types of gutter covers that prevent most leaves and debris from getting into the gutter channel. Screens, helmets and inserts all approach gutter protection in different ways. Of course, each of the manufacturers will tell you that their guard system is the very best. We think that decision should rest with you, the buyer.

However, no system works 100% all the time. You will still need to clean your gutters. We recommend at least twice a year with no gutter guard and once a year with your choice of the very best guard.

And, just to be safe, we recommend you use a professional and fully insured company.

After all, it is your home and T’is the Season.

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Georgia Gutters
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